The Empty Places in Ourselves

by Mary W. Ramirez

Six years of moving experience has taught me the value of having optimal storage readily available. Even when I have had the money to rent larger apartments, I’ve done my best to choose a place which more suited a single individual or even smaller. I’ve lived in some tiny places – efficiencies that would make an apartment in Singapore seem large by comparison and I’ve lived in one there! It doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother others. Living in a smaller spot comes off as more cozy – there’s no pressure or stress to fill the empty spots because there’s rarely any that need filling!
My first apartment had two bedrooms. I was living by myself at the time so for a month I had this room sitting empty and it drove me crazy. I felt like having an empty room was a sign that I was poor and at eighteen, it was important that I appeared to have money or that I was self-sufficient. At eighteen, a lot of the things that you do really don’t make sense. But it stuck with me over the years; empty space had to be filled.
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The Original DuPont Market Fair presents The Georgetown Pop Up Market – Wisconsin & M St NW

by Mary W. Ramirez
  1. The Original DuPont Market Fair presents The Georgetown Pop Up Market – Wisconsin & M St NW
    Event on 2014-01-04 11:00:00
    The ORIGINAL DuPont Market Fair presents THE GEORGETOWN Pop Up Market This & Every Saturday..

    In the Heart of Georgetown From Fun (11 am) Up to Fun Down (7 pm)
    Wisconsin & M St. NW (PNC Bank Lot)

    Take a look at the FANTASTIC ARRAY of vendors we have assembled for this & Every SATURDAY's show It's all there for a GREAT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE . . .Table Makers, Antiques, Restoration, Rugs, High End Fashion & Vintage, Well Crafted Jewelry & Home Décor, not to mention, all the Food Artisans from FRESH made spreads.. .to all the SWEET GOODNESS DESSERTS! And let's not forget a varied list of DELICIOUS ethnic Fares, all this, Surrounded by some feel good music from our house D.J.

    Where you will find the best in antiques/cabinet makers, art/wood crafts and restoration, handmade jewelry crafts and fashion boutiques. Plus a planned roadside art and jewelry appraisal -bring your valuable for free appraisal. Light entertainment. Food artisans of all kinds of products including cheeses deserts-hot/cold menus.


    For further information and dates/times e-mail us chefkenac(at) or visit

    ATTENTION: The DuPont Market Fair **that became one of the top branded up-scale boutique markets** is expanding BIG TIME. We are taking applications for the DuPont Market at Georgetown!!!!! Our New Market located in the heart or Georgetown. Starting May until the end of the year, you can also find us on Wisconsin and M St NW –each & every Saturday.


    Like us on facebook
    Check our videos NOW or

    at DC’s Best Pop Up Market @ Georgetown – Every Saturday
    1201 Wisconsin Ave NW ( Wisconsin & M St) PNC Bank Lot
    Washington, United States

  2. Karaoke/Rockband I, II & III + Music Videos Every Sunday Night!!
    Event on 2014-01-05 21:00:00
    Drink Specials ALL NIGHT LONG + Karaoke & Music Videos…If there's a song you want to watch, sing or play…all you have to do is ask…

    See you Tonight!!!


    at Sunset Room
    2029 Hacienda Boulevard
    Hacienda Heights, United States

    Event on 2013-12-31 22:00:00
    Le réveillon Groovy spécial 90′s en plein coeur de Paris dans un décor de grand appartement chic et atypique.


    22h-06h : 30€ avec 1 boisson au choix incluse
    Happy Hour 22h-00h : toutes les boissons à moitié prix !
    Tournées de shots offertes au bar à partir de 2h !
    Musique 100% hits Groove, RnB, Soul, HipHop, New Jack

    Situé entre le Louvre et le quartier Etienne Marcel, le 1979 vous surprendra par son allure unique de grand appartement design et contemporain. Dancefloor recouvert d’affiches des années 70, bibliothèque avec fauteuils cosy, salon avec piano, chambre tout en cuir capitonné… ce subtil décor associé à un déluge de plumes et de paillettes créera l’atmosphère idéale pour fêter la nouvelle année entre amis avec la jouissive impression que tout le monde se connait !

    Musique ultra-festive à base de Groove, RnB, Soul, HipHop, Funk, New Jack… avec une mention spéciale pour les années 90, mixée par les dj’s Mas “White Glasses” et Wobson (Team de nuit) prêts à enflammer la piste jusqu’à l’aube !

    2Pac, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Blackstreet, Boyz II Men, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, De La Soul, Dr Dre, Faith Evans, Jagged Edge, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott, Montell Jordan, Naughty by Nature, Notorious BIG, P.Diddy, Rihanna, Shaggy, Snoop, SWV, Usher, Will Smith, Zhané…
    Des classiques et rien que des classiques !

    Prévente avec 1 boisson au choix : 30€
    (35€ sur place sous réserve de places disponibles)

    Prévente Pack 2 Bouteilles avec 5entrées incluses : 350€
    1 champagne et 1 alcool au choix servis à table

    Infos pratiques :
    Espace fumeur confortable
    Parking public à proximité
    Vestiaire rapide (2€ par article)
    La boisson incluse est au choix : alcools, champagne, cocktails, jus, sodas…
    Les préventes sont vivement conseillées

    ADRESS :
    LE 1979 CLUB
    49, rue Berger 75001 Paris > Subway station : LOUVRE RIVOLI

    Infoline : +336 19 14 70 87
    Email :

    at 1979
    Paris, France

What You Should Know About Your Stock Portfolio

by John G. Walker

The are two methods that can be used to buy stocks. The first way is to purchase stocks through Dividend Reinvestment Plans or Direct Investment Plans. Since not all companies offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan or Direct Investment Plan, the other way to purchase stocks is by using a brokerage house. When it comes to brokerages, there are full service brokerages and discount brokerages. If money is not a consideration, full service brokerages offer more assistance than the discount brokerages. Don’t make emotional decisions. It can be easy to get caught up in the drama or excitement of the stock market, but stick to your plan. Remember your investment goals and stay the course; this will serve you better than buying and selling based on emotional considerations that have no basis in fact. With all of the information that you just learned, you might feel a little overwhelmed, but Continue Browsing The Material

Xbox Game Suggestions To Boost Your Capabilities

by Ken D. Turk

A Nintendo Wii is a great console to whip you into top shape. The Wii offers a variety of fitness-related titles. Whether you like yoga, pilates, aerobics or boxing, the Wii can help you get some physical activity. When you first play a game, start with the beginner mode. If its too easy, move up a level. You can even replay the game on a more difficult level once you complete the beginner mode.. Web pages from the Blogger Most people like some type of video game. Lots and lots of people use it to entertain themselves, no matter their age or where theyre from. The tips here will allow you to enjoy gaming to its fullest potential.DLC, or downloadable content, is quite common for most popular video games. You must pay extra for these bonuses and expansions. Make sure you are aware of how much you are really Continue Browsing The Material

Hmm : ) – Awesome Fishing Strategies To Try Out

by John G. Walker

An important tip for all fisherman is to make sure to buy the right fishing license for where you will be fishing. Within the U.S., each state requires a different license, and you can get a license to fish for the day or for the entire year. Never leave trash in the waters where you fish. Trash is damaging to the natural beauty of the environment, and it is harmful to fish and plant life too. Always make sure that you take out whatever you bring in, so that you preserve the fishing waters for many generations to come.Do not panic if you hook a large fish. You may have to fight, but try to relax so he doesn’t break your rod. Stay with the fight and don’t try to reel it in until you sense that it has become tired. Learning a few simple knots will help you tremendously when you go fishing. Being able to tie a good knot is crucial to keeping your line baited and also to changing bait Continue Browsing The Material

Strong Assistance When Confronted With Bankruptcy Difficulties

by Ken D. Turk

You should never lie when filing for bankruptcy. It is easy for courts to deny bankruptcy petitions, and a willful attempt to deceive them gives them an excellent reason to do so. Double check everything you fill out and make sure it is accurate. When the court sees that you are being honest, it allows them to move forward more smoothly. Prepare a list of questions before going to a specialized lawyer. This way you get straight to business and do not bother the lawyer for long. To save money and time, take a list of concerns and questions before seeing a lawyer. Make sure you fully understand the entire bankruptcy process.Filing for bankruptcy is not a fun thing to do. Bankruptcy is a touchy subject, and people often dont want to mention it when someone asks about their finances. Dont give into it and be sure to use this advice to figure out what you need to know to avoid bankruptcy.It Continue Browsing The Material

Searching For Information About Cats? Look Here!

by John G. Walker

If you replace an old scratching post, your cat may be unhappy with the new one. Save money on scratching posts. Wrap your old scratching post with some sisal rope to spiff it up. Your cat will be happy not to lose its favorite old post. You will save a little cash. Cats are among the greatest pets a person can own. Unlike dogs, cats are incredibly independent and taking care of them is much easier. However, there are still many important things you need to be responsible for when caring for a cat. The article below will help you discover what those things are. Feed your cats proper food. Remember that cats must eat meat. Only give your cats cat food to eat. Do not feed them or let them eat dog food. Dogs and cats have different nutritional needs and some of the ingredients in dog food could harm your cat. Feeding your cat dog food for food could also lead to malnourishment, among Continue Browsing The Material

How To Save Money Even Even On A Restricted Budget

by Ken D. Turk

As was mentioned above, how you manage your money trickles into every layer of your life. Make sure you maximize the positive affects by employing these tips into your personal financial scheme. Reducing the number of meals you eat at restaurants and fast food joints can be a great way to decrease your monthly expenses. Someone can save money by buying the ingredients to make healthy meals and cooking them at home. It is a great way for someone to feel pride in their meals and save money at the same time. Interesting site for your understanding
Betvictor. .Do not pay a professional to do home improvement if you can do it yourself! You can easily find the information you need through a local hardware store class, online tutorial or book from the library. Many provide step-by-step instructions that can make any project a snap. Get your finances back on track by creating and sticking Continue Browsing The Material

The things that I learn – Insurance Does Not Need To Be Confusing. Use These Tips!

by John G. Walker

The tips offered here are meant to help you to understand your insurance policies, and how to choose the insurance that you need. It’s possible you’re overpaying, or maybe you don’t have the right coverage for you. Decide what type of insurance is most important for you by reading the following article.Remember that any large life insurance policy – $100,000 or more – will call for a medical check-up. You need not bother applying for such a policy if you know you have a pre-existing condition that a checkup will uncover. Your insurer will make use of this diagnosis to raise your premium significantly, or even turn you down outright for coverage.The difficulties of insurance was talked about in this article, however, now you should know how to find insurance in a simple manner after being empowered with the advice and knowledge gained from this article. You are also equipped to improve Continue Browsing The Material

Sport pilot transition to private pilot?

by Ken D. Turk

I would really like to become a pilot. But paying for private pilot lessons is not going to happen right now. I know that getting a sport pilots license is cheaper than getting a private pilots license, and I know that you can do a combined license or a transition from one to the other where your hours and solo flight apply to both. If I wanted to get my sports license and then eventually transition to a private pilots license would the overall cost for the combined lessons be cheaper than just getting the private pilots license right off the bat?

Answer by Ben Dere Dun DatNo. A Sport Pilot certificate plus the “transition” costs will not be cheaper than getting a PPL right off the bat because the money saved in doing a SPL is in the amount of dual instruction required. To convert to a PPL you will have to get that extra instruction, no matter how much flight time you have Continue Browsing The Material

Top notch Eight Creative ideas – Getting The Edge On The Competition: Advice On How To Sell Your Home

by John G. Walker

Weigh out the pros and cons of selling your home in the winter versus the spring. You may be able to find that it might not be worth waiting out the winter to try to sell during the popular time in the spring. One thing to consider is the additional length of time for which you will be responsible for real estate taxes. You will also want to consider that winter bills are higher in the colder months and that cost will cut into any possible gains you make by delaying your sale until spring.If you are considering selling commercial property, you should hire someone who specializes in this specific real estate. Commercial real estate could be anything from a restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, or office building. If an agent is experienced, they’ll know how to get to possible buyers who might be interested in your property. If you are looking for a quick sale, check comparable prices Continue Browsing The Material

Fitness Fun for Seniors

by Ken D. Turk

Fitness Fun for Seniors
Event on 2014-05-12 13:00:00
Come join us for a new fitness program designed for today's active seniors! It is called Fitness Fun and meets twice a week, on Monday and Friday afternoons at 1pm. We meet on the second floor of the Mulberry House in Middletown. We exercise to fun and upbeat music and use weights, bands and balls to get the most out of our workout. Our class is customizable to ALL fitness levels and can be taken either standing up or sitting. All that is "set in stone" is that you WILL get a great workout, and that you WILL have FUN at the same time! Come join us and see for yourself!!! Please call Ivy at 908-616-0387 with any questions.

at Middletown Senior Center (The Mulberry House Senior Center)
62-70 West Main Street Middletown, New York 10940
Middletown, United States Sid The Science Kid
Event on 2014-05-14 Continue Browsing The Material

My own Observation – Hotel Tips For People That Want To Learn About One

by John G. Walker

Prior to beginning a hotel search, try thinking about what accommodations you want and can afford. Figure out if the hotel’s location is more important than its price or if you limited to hotels under a certain price range. Also consider whether you need one that has items like spas and fitness centers or just a beautiful view.When booking your room, get exactly what you want. If you want a good view, make sure you get one. If you want to be away from the pool area, make sure you get that as well. Look at a layout of the hotel before calling or booking so you have a good idea of what to expect.When staying in a hotel room, are you sometimes concerned with the safety and security of your room? For less than $3 dollars you can alleviate these fears. Purchase a rubber doorstop and always pack it with your other essentials when traveling. It is simple to use and is highly effective. Continue Browsing The Material

Arcade, New Tipperary

by Ken D. Turk

A number Good arcade Imagery Arcade, New Tipperary

Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Following on from yesterdays photo of Dillon Street in New Tipperary, heres the Arcade near the same location. Couldnt decide between the two images we have digitised, and as it gives us an end to end view of the Arcade, I decided to upload both…

Date: Circa 1890? (definitely before 11 August 1892)

NLI Ref.: L_ROY_02571

County Arcade / Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Image by tricky (rick harrison)
One of Leeds preserved Victorian era shopping arcades. These are essentially ornately covered streets comprising of small (mostly expensive fashion) shops. The next arcade to the left from here houses the Leeds branch of Harvey Nichols.

This arcade was constructed between 1898-1900, and designed by Frank Matcham, better known for his designs of london music-halls Continue Browsing The Material

Check this – Excellent Advice To Improve Your Mobile Marketing

by Dawn E. Higgs

Try to target your audience’s wants and needs before using a campaign on them. This can be an effective, because you can make sure that your strategy is going to be well-received by the right people.Consider purchasing dedicated short codes rather than sharing codes. It may be pricey, but you can link them to your brand. Eventually, people will learn your short code which they will link to your company. Buying your own codes will also protect you from legal issues relating to shared codes. Sharing a code makes you liable for anything other companies do to abuse the code.Try using Multimedia Messaging Service for sending out coupons for new prospects or to reward the old ones. Your coupons can include promotional codes. Be sure to include codes on each mobile web site so that coupons that your customers obtain there can be tracked. Established customers appreciate coupons as rewards, Continue Browsing The Material

8 Opportunities – Tips And Tricks On Getting The Most From Student Loans

by Dawn E. Higgs

Exercise caution when considering student loan consolidation. Yes, it will likely reduce the amount of each monthly payment. However, it also means you’ll be paying on your loans for many years to come. This can have an adverse impact on your credit score. As a result, you may have difficulty securing loans to purchase a home or vehicle. Plan your courses to make the most of your student loan money. If your college charges a flat, per semester fee, take on more courses to get more for your money. If your college charges less in the summertime, be sure to go to summer school. Getting the most value for your dollar is a great way to stretch your student loans. Eventually, you will have a choice to consolidate but you need to consider this option carefully. It may be helpful to have all of your loans with one lender, rather than with different lenders and different terms. But be extremely Continue Browsing The Material

Top notch 5 Tips and hints – Helpful Tips About Dogs That Simple To Follow

by Dawn E. Higgs

Control your voice to control your dog. When he is a good boy, speak in a high-pitched voice and shower him with praise. When he misbehaves, use a very low and gruff voice to indicate your displeasure. Being consistent with this will help him learn faster, making training him much easier on you and him.If your dog makes messes in the house or chews when you are away, consider crate training. Crate training involves providing your pet with an appropriate sized crate to,stay in while you’re out of the house. It can keep your pet and belongings safe. Just make sure to never leave him in the crate for a very lengthly period of time.Avoid issues of jealously if you have more than one animal. Particularly if you bring a young dog into the home of an older dog, problems can arise. Be considerate of the patience and energy levels of your senior dog and make sure his feelings aren’t hurt Continue Browsing The Material

What I feel really – Tips For Choosing Foods That Improve Health And Wellness

by Dawn E. Higgs

One way to improve the nutritional content of your diet is to make use of artificial sweeteners in place of refined sugar. Over-consumption of sugar can cause a variety of health problems, including severe heart issues. Artificial sweeteners like Stevia and Splenda are great alternatives. You will not notice anything different about the taste. One good tip for having a healthy lifestyle is to eat fresh fruit rather than drink fruit juice. This is because most fruit juices contain artificial sweeteners that tend to mess up the body. On the other hand, fresh fruit contains natural sugar and provides the body with lots of fiber. Try not to eat snacks that contain too much saturated fat. This is not only in animal products, but foods with vegetable oils. These foods can contain more saturated fat than meat does. Saturated fats can raise the fat levels in your body. Products claiming Continue Browsing The Material

Definitely suitable – The Best Retirement Advice You Can Get

by Dawn E. Higgs

Catch up on all of the credit cards that you have outstanding. This is important as it will reduce the amount of interest that you will pay over time, which you could be putting into a retirement account. Take care of the larger credit cards first and work your way down.Learn some interesting hobbies that you can continue when you retire. You will have a lot of time on your hands during your golden years. Hobbies and classes will keep your mind sharp and energy going. Something like art and photography are popular choices because they are not too physically demanding.Having a dream of retirement can become a reality. You now have some of the tools necessary to help you plan. Take notes and refer back to this page frequently. The more planning you have, the closer you will be to making all of your retirement plans and dreams happen.Talk to a financial advisor about retirement. This Continue Browsing The Material

Not a thing good – How To Can Catch The Record Bass

by Dawn E. Higgs

Determine whether or not a fishing permit will be required for your fishing trip. There are certain laws you need to abide by in certain areas so be cautious of this. You should check into local laws regarding fishing to avoid any trouble.If you are lucky enough to hook a large fish, and the fish turns away from you as you are attempting to reel it in, the best idea is to let the fish go. When this happens it means your line is actually too short and can’t really keep up with some reel and pump action. Next time, you should wait longer prior to reeling in the fish.It’s crucial that you remain well hydrated as you fish. Make sure to have lots of water around, and drink it throughout the day whether you feel thirsty or not. The symptoms of dehydration can affect you quickly making it particularly dangerous if you are on a boat. Although it doesn’t seem like it, water might be the ultimate Continue Browsing The Material

Benefit From The Following Helpful Hobby Advice

by Dawn E. Higgs

You could try to make music for a hobby. You’ll just need to figure out what kind of instrument you’d like to play. After that all you need to do is train with someone else, or train with videos and books. Start slow and work at it when you can and you’ll be where you want to be in no time! Try out fishing as a hobby if you really want to relax some. All you have to do is find a place to fish and fishing supplies. Then you need to make sure you’re allowed to fish in certain areas or if you need a permit. After you start fishing, you will find that it gets you away from a day that’s too busy.Look online to find hobby groups. There may be few people around your area that you can share with, but there will definitely be a ton of people with similar hobbies online. There are more than likely forums out there that you can join. It’s a great way to learn new aspects of your hobby and build Continue Browsing The Material

Not much beneficial – What Equipment Do You Need To Fish For Trout

by Dawn E. Higgs

Patience is one of the most important aspects of fishing. Fishing requires time and dedication and there will often be occasions where you go hours or even days without a single bite. Don’t allow yourself to get irritated or you won’t enjoy your trip. Make sure you take along bug spray. One of the not-so-joyous parts about nature is the bugs, especially biting bugs like mosquitoes. Ensure you use bug spray to avoid bites. Those without bug spray often find themselves bitten numerous times by mosquitoes. That is not an enjoyable way to spend a fishing trip. When fishing, it is important to apply sunscreen in any type of weather. Sunlight can burn your skin no matter what the temperature is, and while you fish you will be exposed to bright reflections off the water’s surface.Do your fishing research. You always need to know the specific details about your fishing spot and the fish Continue Browsing The Material

Confused About Social Media Marketing? Start Here With This Advice

by Dawn E. Higgs

Do stuff, making up some contests on Facebook. Customers are always interested in getting great products for free. Have a contest to make your brand stand out. Contests are also good ways to get the word out about a new product. Use caution when you’re hiring a marketing company for social media. For starters, their black hat techniques are often seen as spam and will degrade your reputation. Some of these companies use fake YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts by using proxy servers with automated registration bots. In spite of the high view counts, your advertisement is not seen by real people.Do your research on the market you wish to target through social media when you are looking for information relating to your current or future products. Many people love to share their opinions on products they use, which keeps you informed and allows them to feel that their voices are Continue Browsing The Material

Make Wise Credit Card Decisions With These Tips

by Dawn E. Higgs

Before accepting a balance transfer read the contract fully. You need to know exactly what you will be charged after the introductory offer period expires. You may be in line for very high rates of interest as soon as this initial period is up. Just make sure you know exactly what you will be getting into before you sign up for an offer. Don’t let your past issues with credit cards slow you down in the future. There are many things you can do right now, to start digging yourself out of that hole. If you’ve managed to stay out of it up to this point, then the advice you read here can keep you on the right track.Students applying for new cards need to look out for terms and costs. Credit cards offered to students usually have annual fees and higher interest rates, so do your homework before choosing one.Remember to use all of your cards at least occasionally in order to keep the accounts Continue Browsing The Material

Really ! ? ! – Tips And Tricks For The Soccor Lover

by Dawn E. Higgs

All soccer players must learn to pass as well as shoot with skill. You can practice passing and shooting alone or with a friend. When practicing solo, kick against a wall. Pretend the wall is another player passing you the ball, set up your shot and aim for a specific target on the wall.Cross train multiple types of exercise. Playing soccer will only develop certain muscle groups. It is important that you train all of them, and working on other skills can transfer over into soccer. For example, taking a dance class can help your footwork on the field and taking track can improve your speed.Soccer is all about skill, practice and fun. You must dedicate the time to learning the sport, and you need to be sure that you do what is necessary to keep getting better. Keep the advice you’ve read in mind as you start thinking about how you can be the soccer player you dream to be. When you Continue Browsing The Material

The Pros Are Keeping These Dog Tips From You

by Dawn E. Higgs

Never bring your dog with you while flying during the hot summer months, unless the airline provides a climate-controlled cabin for him. Most of the major carriers use the same area for pets as they do for cargo, meaning your dog will have to endure some pretty high temperatures as you travel to your destination, jeopardizing his safety.Your dog needs to exercise regularly. Like humans, dogs must exercise to burn calories, remain healthy, and help their minds stay sharp. Exercising also helps them avoid boredom that can cause destructive behaviors. Keeping your dog active can curb chewing, biting, digging, and chasing urges. It can even help them avoid depression. The kind of leash you use when walking your dog is very important. A small leash that would fit a small dog, like a chihuahua, is not going to fit a Rottweiler or pit bull. Get a leash that will fit your dog comfortably Continue Browsing The Material

Time Management Is Something Anyone Can Get Into

by Dawn E. Higgs

Upon rising each day, spend a few minutes planning your schedule. Make an actual list, and allocate a time limit to each task. A schedule will make you feel less stressed.Try using the calendar feature on your cell phone to manage your time. Since most people carry their cell phones with them at all times, you will always have your schedule with you. This will help you improve your life because you will never miss another appointment or important date. Try using the calendar feature on your cell phone to manage your time. Since most people carry their cell phones with them at all times, you will always have your schedule with you. This will help you improve your life because you will never miss another appointment or important date.Sometimes, people have problems with time management because they do not set a time limit on tasks they need to accomplish. Write down each task that Continue Browsing The Material

Awesome ! ? ! – Get A Job With These Smart Tips

by Dawn E. Higgs

Some questions from interviewers can really catch you off guard. You might not run into that sort of question, but you should prepare yourself, just in case. Before going on an interview, make sure that you are prepared for any questions about gaps in work history or any disciplinary issues you may have had. Be honest, and take responsibility. Often, this is more beneficial than exaggerating or trying to lie your way out.If you have problems in resume writing, you may want to use a template online. There are many templates available for free. You can choose one which fits your needs and run with it.An unexpected question in an interview can set you off your game. You can prepare yourself in advance for these types of questions for a smoother interviewing experience. Think about what are your weaknesses and have an answer for them. Don’t lie, but take responsibility and discuss what Continue Browsing The Material

Get Your Investments In Order With This Great Advice!

by Dawn E. Higgs

Choose an industry you are familiar with. Knowledge is power in all aspects of life, and investing is no exception. If you are someone who is always up-to-date on the latest gadgets, the tech industry would be a smart place to invest. If, however, you are more interested in farming than server farms, then the agriculture sector is a better choice. Think small to grow big. If your aim is growing your money substantially over the years, aim for smaller and medium-sized companies that have serious growth potential. A retail chain with a superstore in every neighborhood, might be a safe place to park and keep your investment at its current value, but in order for it to have growth, the growth would have to outmatch a Fortune 500 company. A small firm can double in size and still have plenty of potential market.Keep it simple. Trading stocks too often and focusing on the minutia of every Continue Browsing The Material

Exactly what I presume – Don’t Let Acne Control Your Life Anymore

by Dawn E. Higgs

Another simple, inexpensive, and rather tasty treatment for acne can be found in oatmeal. Make an oatmeal mask by simply combining 3/4 cup oatmeal and 1/2 cup water and cooking it for a few minutes. After it cools, apply to the face and allow to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. The oatmeal exfoliates and absorbs excess oil. Your Mother was right: washing your face does help get rid of acne. Make sure to use a mild soap or cleanser with no perfume or oil in it and wash your face twice a day. Use warm water, not hot or cold, to open the pores but not burn the skin. Don’t scrub your face with a cloth or exfoliating glove, instead use your clean hands and pat your face dry when you’re done. If you wear glasses or sunglasses, always make sure you clean them. Cleaning them will remove the dirt or oil that could potentially cause acne or irritations on your skin. The oil, dirt, and bacteria clogs Continue Browsing The Material

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